Saturday, February 01, 2014

It's finally (almost) here!

Hello Effurrybody and Effurry Kitty!

It's (almost) here, the Souperbowl!

Of course, Mummy and The Shepherd are rooting for their FAVORITE team, the SEAHAWKS!



 And here is something you'll probably only see once on this bloggy and that is a picture of Mummy with her Seahawks Hair do.  Although it doesn't show up really good - it seems to get a bit of attention from people -

And she is in her new Seahaws shirt, which hopefully, iffn the stars align, tomorrow she can order a new shirt that says "Seahawks, Champions of the World!!"  He, he he...

That's all for this weekend!

Love, your roving reporter, Gracie

Rotel, check  Velveeta, check  Chips, check,     Let the game begin!  



Anonymous said...

Love the hair! Go Hawks!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tom says Woooo!

Michelle said...

Mommy looks GREAT! (How are the eyes?)

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

YEAH WE ARE WORLD CHAMPS! you look so cute in your seahawk subtle and becoming...that's the spirit! I am so proud of our team...a good clean fun game...wish we had to earn the win more than we did. Found myself rooting for the Broncos a bit too. My grandson Cole lives in Denver but is a hawks fan all the way.
Spring will be here soon and the garden will be calling us all.
We know about getting older eyes are sore and I need to go to the doc for a check up and some new looking glasses:)
Life is good and we thanks the lord for his many blessings in our life....
all the best to you up in the beautiful part of the state....
XOXO Karla

Knatolee said...

And your team won! I bet the spiffy hairdo did it! :)