Saturday, January 11, 2014

Yay!! It's Caturday!

 Halo Effurrybody & Effurrykitty! 

It's me, Gracie, and IT"S CATURDAY!

The big noos here is that tomorrow is Mummy's Hippo Birdy!

I think she is going to be older than dirt. ...  ...

At least that's what I heard her say.

 She said that "old age was setting in"  and her parts were starting to expire.  Wow,  I hope that doesn't happen to ME!

One of the doctors that she saw last fall "strongly recommended" that she start wearing something called support stockings!   She found some that she liked and says that her legs do feel better. (It is pretty funny to watch her put them on - lots of huffing & puffing)   She says that part of the problem is that she sits at a high desk on a high chair and so her legs were kind of dangling  so she also bought a stool to park them on.

And she's still having problems with her vision & being able to see the computer screen.  Even tho she has gotten her new glasses, she still has to make the words really big so they don't all moush together -  And to top it all off, some of her eyelashes started to scratch her eye, so she had to go to her eye doctor and he pulled them out!  She said it felt like she had a stick stuck in her eye.  It has taken almost a week for her eye to feel better.

She says it's heck getting old. 

Speaking of old, this s a picture from last month - when we had snow, we had an introoder!!!  Infact, The Shepherd said there were a couple of introoders.  They walked all over the yard and left their footie prints - he said it was probably a mommy raccoon and one of her babies.

I'm glad they didn't come in the house!

This is mummy's latest string project.  She went to her spinner guild meeting today and everybody said "Oh, you are spinning SEAHAWKS colors.  They are her and The Shepherd's favorite footsball team.  And they won their game today.  There was a lot of shoutin goin on in the libing room!!!

It has been raining and raining here, so mummy dug out this picture that she took last month when the weather was nice - cold but very blu skies - kind of SEAHAWK colors, don't cha think?

Mummy & The Shepherd are signed up to take snacks for church tomorrow.  So she decided to make it kind of an informal Hippo Birdie party for herself. 

Here is what she is taking:

2 lbs each of sliced ham & turkey.  She got it at Cash & Carry Restaurant Supply, so it wasn't very espensive, she said.  With that are three different loaves of  bread, one dark, one oatmeal and one white, and a package of "flat bagels".  Butter, mayo & mustard, of course.

A nice tray of sliced cheese that she got at the grocery store.  It has 4 different kinds of cheese on it and it is all sliced up and ready to put on the table.  And some Wheat Thin crackers.

A bag of corn chips for our gluten intolerant folks, with some salsa, some homemade garlic dip and some homemade salmon dip.

Some oranges and apples to slice up AND her friend Vikki from church is making not ONE, but TWO Hippo Birdie cakes for her, because Mummy couldn't decide if she wanted chocolate with raspberry filling or Vanilla with lemon filling.  And Vikki said, "Well, why don't I make one of each - if there is anything left, you can take it tow work on Monday"

That sounded like a good idea to Mummy, but she wasn't too shure that any of the left over cake would actually make it into her office... he he he...

And then The Shepherd is going to take her out to dinner someplace nice!

So, that's all the noos there is today.  We hope you are having a good Noo Year!

Love, your roving reporter, Gracie! 

The End. 


Lilylou said...

Happy Birthday, Tina! Love the Caturday report!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Tina! Love the Seahawks yarn, what are you going to make with it?

Mariodacatsmom said...

ha ha - love your ending!! That cracked me up. Tell Mommy that M agrees with her - getting old sucks! M is older den dirt and her body needs new parts too, cept they don't make those parts anymore.

Katnip Lounge said...

Happy Hippo Birdy Day, Tina! Getting older ain't for sissies, that's for dang sure. But for two cakes I think it's worth the bother!

Gracie is one heckuva a good reporter, front to back!