Sunday, December 01, 2013

Hey, we almost missed Caturday!

 Hey peeps and kittehs!  It's me, Bella, hangin out on the barn roof, with this weeks Catureay report!!

Actually I know that a few of you have noticed that it's been, ahem, more than a week since Mummy last let you know what was going on here at the farm - she mumbles something about being busy at The Salt Mine and other things for Church and that, but, I know it is just because she's been proCATstinating - what do YOU think? 
The Shepherd worked furry hard the last couple of days to get all of his little plants into the greenhouse for the winter (I want to know - why do they call it a "green" house when it is clear? - one of those peeple misteries, I suppose)

Anyhow, I was just up on the barn roof taking in some rays, watching Sherlock as he investigates "The Case of the Broken Pot" 
 It's nice that all the little plants are tucked away we have a runway to chase each other down and around. 
 But what is this?  One of The Shepherd's plant pots is broken!

What kind of a dasterdly deed was this?

Oh, George, The Shepherd said that he thinks that the dirt around the little plant in the pot froze and expanded, causing the pot to break.  He was pretty disappointed because it was a sweet little pot too, but that happens sometimes. 

Mummy and The Shepherd went to the home of some friends from church for Thanksgiving this year.  Their Thanksgiving dinner was highlighted by the three 20 something cousins that were at the dinner -(children of our hostess and her siblings)  delightful "kids" - personable, engaging and entertaining - and such good friends to each other -

It was really fun to watch - and to know that our world will be in their hands suddenly made me feel a little better... One is a brand new middle school teacher, one is a software engineer for Intel and the other is getting his Doctorate in Music at Indiana University - yup, we're in good hands....

Mummy was in charge of dessert, and of course she took pumpkin pie from The Shepherd's own pumpkins.  It was declared "The Best Pumpkin Pie, Ever"  He, he, he...

Gracie is ignoring you Mummy - you know how she likes those 'pensive profile looks' 

Anyhow, the other big news around here is that Mummy is goin' "under the knife" next week.  She is having CATaract surgery on her eyes. 

Now, I've looked at her many, many times, and I've never seen CATs in her eyes - but she said it was really cloudy lenses that they were going to remove.  She has gone to this eye doc for a LONG time - way before she met The Shepherd.  She had a meeting with him last week - she called it a Pre-Op... and he said that this is normally a pretty simple surgery, but he "expressed some concern" about the shape of her eyeball and was worried about potential damage to her eye (probably from trying to get that CAT out of there...)  Anyhow, she told me to ask you all, when you're sitting having your first cup of coffee on Thursday morning (or what ever you drink in the morning), to think good thoughts about her eye doc and see him having a successful surgery on her eye. 

That's about all I've got to say - Hopefully we'll be back next week with good news about Mummy's surgery.  After all, we need her opposable thumbs to do this blogging thing. 


Lilylou said...

Glad to hear the news from the north! I hope your CATaract surgery goes very well and you have clear vision once again. It's miraculous what they can do to repair vision these days! I'll be thinking of you on Thursday.

Michelle said...

I will be wishing for you the same great results achieved by all three of our parents who have had cataract surgery! Gracie is SO pretty....

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts to be sent to Mummy's eye surgeon!

Katnip Lounge said...

We're glad to see all is well at the farmy...and Mommy will send good thoughts (while we PURR) on Thursday morning.
The pie looks DELISH!

Mariodacatsmom said...

Big hugs for your human sweetie. I will have her in my thoughts and prayers that day. I had that surgery about 2 months ago and it was a very easy thing to go thru. I hope your's is equally as easy and recovery too. Mario said he's purr for you too.

Leigh said...

Well, Gracie is quite the looker. And Bella! I have to say I've heard nothing but good reports from those who've had cataract surgery. I'll be praying for you.

I also can't help but mention that I have actually published a book! Please come check out my blog when you have a chance. (I'm so excited)