Friday, December 20, 2013

A Good 'Nuf Reason to Sleep in...

Hello Effurrybody & Effurrykitty!

Mummy had the day off from The Saltmine today!  And this is what it looked like when she got up this morning.   Actually this is what it looked like when she "woke" up - she actually rolled over and went back to sleep!  Without feeding us!

We thought we'd starve to death!  

Actually we all went back to sleep - even The Shepherd, after he did his morning chores, took a little nappy.  So those ungrateful woolley things got fed, but we had to wait. 

And wait. 

And wait - Afters we finally got our breakfast, Bella and I thought about going outside. 

 Mummy kept telling us to make up our minds...

While Georgie, the big weenie, made up his mind.  The heater vent was much better to sit on, than the cold snowy front porch!

Mummy's eye is looking far much better after her CATorRAT surgery, but it still has a big purple stripe on it.  At least she doesn't have to wear the patch that makes her look like a fly.

Preparations for Catmous have been pretty sparse around here.  Mummy hasn't put up a Catmous tree for years - she says kitties make too much mess with Catmous trees - I think she is just too lazy to clean up the spare bedroom and find the boxes of ornaments that she has.  What do YOU think...

She and The Shepherd went into town this afternoon to print up a program for their big Catmous program that they are having at Church on Sunday night.  They also went out to dinner and to the grocery store on their regular Friday Night Date.  She is going to make Cheese Shortbread Crackers and Smoked Salmon Cheesecake for the party afterwards.  She always likes to take something that is not sweet so people who have a problem eating too many sweets can have a snack too. 

So, since there wasn't a whole lot we could do outside, Georgie and I took another nap.

Mummy promises that she will blog more often in the coming up days - she has a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff to tell you about!

Happy Caturday!

Love, Gracie           



Mariodacatsmom said...

Awwww you are so cute cuddled together. Mario has been curling up into a ball - he doesn't have any other kitty friend to snuggle up to. Great pictures of the outdoors too.

Katnip Lounge said...

arrrgghh! Mommy says SNOW is a four-letter word...well, DUH.

We say the heaty vent and snuggling is a way better way to go!

Yvonne said...

Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh! Would you share your smoked salmon cheesecake recipe?

Kathy said...

Finally! All the gang here kept clawing at me to find out what in the heck was going on! ;)
I kept telling them to get on the computer to find out, but they took me literally and kept sitting on the computer. They must think it works by osmosis.
And it was great to talk to you!
Hugs from the frosty AZ Mountains!