Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New "Toys"

 These are the delivery guys from DeWaard & Bode, the local, self proclaimed, Appliance Giants bringing my new Electrolux washing machines last month (when the ebil Blogger was holding me hostage for posting pictures - turns out I really didn't have any storage issues at all - we think someone was trying to do a little identity theft - luckily I didn't fall for it ...)

There was a lot of cleaning up that had to be done to get the old Maytag washer & dryer out - the washer quit about two years ago - and I have been schlepping our dirty clothes to the laundromat ever since. Our dryer still worked though, so I'd bring the (heavy) wet clothes and towels, etc home to dry them

I was so done with carting laundry back and forth!

Actually because of some drain field issues, I'd been taking my clothes to the laundromat for more than several years - but we could do one load a week at home, and that was John's dirty work clothes.

So, when our washer died a couple of years ago, I refused to pay to fix a 16 year old top loader that probably used about 45 gallons of water to do one load of laundry - (Even though these are the largest capacity machines that Electrolux makes, they only use 14 gallons of water to wash and rinse. Woo hoo!)  So I started saving my money.  

I love, love, love these machines.  First thing I did though, was buy a package of white "thirsty" bar towels - the house rule is that you dry off the washer door and the inside after you put the wet stuff in the dryer.  And then when you take the stuff out of the dryer, you dry off the inside of the washer door again, and maybe the next morning...

Because they sit in a hallway, it is not feasible to leave the door open to let it dry out, and that would also invite snoopy cats to check out the inside - (that is one thing I have NEVER allowed is for my cats to get in the dryer) - (I actually had a friend start her washer with her cat inside it = cat is still around, but was never quite the same...)  Sorry, I digress - but drying off the door and swiping the rubber gasket a couple of times with these bar towels seems to be working well - no moldy smells what so ever and once every couple of months I'll use some of that Tide washing machine cleaner that they recommend for front loaders. 

And the dirty landscaper/Shepherd clothes come very clean - and my clothes don't get beat to heck with a top loading agitator - did I mention that I love these machines... Big Grin here... AND I have my Sunday afternoons back! 

Someone else was glad that we cleaned up the porch too - and immediately took up residence on top of the deep freeze (which previously had boxes of stuff and detritus piled on top of it)

It provides a nice toasty place to sleep that is out of the way of big boots.


Sharrie said...

That must be a gigantic relief not lugging wet clothes all the time. Think how much extra time you have now to pet the kitties.

Michelle said...

We had to get front loaders when we built this house (contractor screwed up our small laundry room and our old set wouldn't fit) and I love them, too! And our washer has a super-fast spin (downside: it sounds like an airplane at takeoff during the spin) so the clothes have less moisture and dry faster.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous "toys"!

Momma Maria said...

Tina I want to hear the story of what was going on with your blogger space.....and congrats on those nice new appliances!