Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Delivering a Finished Object !

 Some 20 or so years ago, I invited a friend over to dinner - when I asked what he would like to eat, he replied "Hot dogs and Little Trees"   At my questioning look, Wendy, his mommy, explained that "little trees" was four year old vernacular for broccoli - now, why didn't I think of that.

Fast forward to today - that young fellow (Nels) is now an attorney, living in Palo Alto with his sweet wife and 6 month old son.  I started the blanket that the baby (LH) is laying on right after he was born, and luckily they were home visiting his folks for Christmas and we could deliver it in person - for in the next few months, the couple and their baby will be moving to Japan! 
Grandma encouraging LH to roll over! 

The little guy is pretty cute and seemed to like rolling around on his new blanket - I used double strand acrylic "baby yarn", so it was pretty cushy and very soft.

"Grandma Wendy" and I share a Danish heritage and she was happy to share with me her new "find" - Pickled Wild Sockeye Salmon. - It was really a treat.

In fact we had quite a conversation about pickled herring and other pickled things.  Although he does like sweet pickles, The Shepherd finds pickled fish abhorrent - but what can you say about a guy who comes from a culture that eats haggis?  Go figure...

Look at how pretty this is, and on a cracker with a chunk of that pickled onion - pure heaven...

But, I digress...

The video below was taken last Saturday night.  Nel's younger brother Jon is getting his PhD in Tuba at the UW and as part of the Bellingham Festival of Music he and another local musician gave a recital to benefit the festival.  It was fun.


A little bit of Tuba Trivia - did you know that the music in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" was really played on a Tuba and not computer generated?   

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