Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Caturday Report & 800th post!

Hello Effurrybody!

Gracie here with our Caturday report and Mummy's 800th post!!  (Only one person guessed when it would be and that was Trish from our furrends at The Katnip Lounge! She actually guessed Friday, but Mummy & The Shepherd were busy watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics last night so it was too late to post anything when they got done. (Mummy said she'll have to think of a special prize to reward Trish for being such a good guesser.)  

Did you watch them too?  Mummy really liked the part when The Queen and James Bond parachuted into the stadium.  Mummy really likes The Queen and thought that Mr. Bond looked especially handsome in his tux.  She thought it was very brave of The Queen to jump out of that helicopter. 

Oh, Gracie, you & Mummy are nit wits, The Queen didn't jump out, that was a Stunt Queen.

George, you don't have to be so bossy - I'll bet you didn't know that Mummy was bringing home Peetsa for dinner - it smelled really good - all that pepparomi - but we only got stinky goodness for dinner.  Same old stuff - no peetsa for us.  Darn.  

Mummy sat in front of her string maker all night long - she announced that she was making her first "Olympic yarn"  I'll bet it is pretty -  like these lilies from The Shepherd's garden. 

Speaking of The Shepherd's Garden - can you guess what this is ?  No, it's not a watermelon - it's a zucchini!  They are best when they are about the size of a baseball - otherwise they get all mushy inside and hard skinned.  There have been lots of fried zucchinis for dinner in the past couple of weeks.  

And here is a little video of Mummy and me taking a walk down the driveway last week.  She wanted to show you how pretty it was.  I hope you enjoy it!

You all have a great weekend, and stay safe out there!

XOX  -  Your roving reporter, Gracie! 


Katnip Lounge said...

So much GREEN--all the ferns and flowers...are those gerbena daisies?

We cracked up at "Stunt Queen"--you are too funny.

ConCATS on 800 posts...maybe some more peetsa to celebrate?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 800th post. I look forward to many more, including one with Olympics yarn.

Kathy said...

Sorry I've missed posts and chatting...been having some issues with my T-meds. It has not been a fun week here. ;)
I hope you both are doing well. Give the kitties some pats for me. How is the black dust mop doing? LOL!
Hugs, Kathy

Kathy said...

I meant to say, "Happy 800th, Tina!"