Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Caturday Report!

Hello efurrybody! Gracie here with The Caturday Report!

It seems like all that goes on around here has to do with The Salt Mines.  Mummy has spent a lot of extra time making up for going on vacation.  Heck, what's the use?

But they have also changed her job a lot, so she's been having to so a lot of extra thinking.

 So, I try to take her mind of her problems by giving her new ones and chewing on her feeties.

One thing that happened last week that she didn't tell you about (I think she was busy telling you about her new sheeps furs...) was George's & my GOTCHA DAY! .  We have been living with Mummy and The Shepherd for a whole YEAR now! 

Mummy took this picture of Georgie and me on our very first day here and we still look like this a lot.  Snuggled up to each other - It's nice to have a good brother

 Another reason that Mummy didn't have time to tell you about our Gotcha Day was that she and The Shepherd went up to Blaine last Sunday evening to see their favorite band, Pearl Django at the opening of the Blaine Jazz festival.  It was a fun concert, with lots of teenaged kids from the Jazz Camp that went on last week in the audience.  Nice to see people enjoying "real" music.  

We've been lucky to have fairly "nice" weather here in the Pacific NW. (although we had lightning and thunder boomers yesterday!!)
It went from cool and cloudy before the 4th of July to warm and sunny afterwards.  I think that all those booms and fireworks scared those clouds away!  I'm sure glad that they are not making noises around here any more.  Those booms late at night scared me, Georgie and Bella sometimes.

The sheepies are growing and growing.  The Shepherd calls them his "snausages"  I think that has something to do with having a chubby tummy - he calls me that sometimes too.  But Mummy calls me "Princess Grace"  I think it is because I am so beautiful...

Here's one of the few recent pictures that Mummy could find of Georgie.  He has been kind of shy lately.  I think all of the 4th of July noises got him skittish.

Anyhows, that's what's been goin' on - not a whole lot else to tell ya.  I hope your summer is going great.  We feel bad for all the people who have been suffering in the heat, and count our blessings for what we have. 

You take care and have a wonderful week!

XOX, your roving reporter, Gracie

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Sharrie said...

I sure do enjoy "The Caturday Report".
It makes me smile to see that I have some news from your lovely kitties!
Send us some of your rain, please.