Wednesday, June 06, 2012

In a dither

Hello Evefurry body -

Mummy is in a dither tonight because Georgie hasn't been around since last night.  He didn't come in for breakfast this morning and not for dinner tonight either.

There has also been this awful orange kitty who has come in to our house and made it stinky!  I hope he didn't chase George away!!

Mummy walked around for a long time tonight calling and whistling for him, but he has not showed up.

She is furry worried, and I am too,

Now it is raining out. I hope he comes home soon. 


UPDATE - Mummy here - I went out and shook the treat can and called some more after I posted this and he came bounding up the back steps with a look on his face like, "I was just out huntin' - get a life Mom..."  Whew - good to have my little furry friend back home. 


Tammy said...

Oh No.....I hope George comes home soon. He isn't shut in somewhere is he (I know you said he was good at that)? I hate when you don't know where they are. Hopefully he will turn up today...


Franna said...

Phew! Relief.

sheepsclothing said...

So glad he made it home safe. I know I always get worried when Boo kitty isn't waiting for us when we get home from work.

Lilylou said...

Thank goodness!