Sunday, December 18, 2011

They're on their way

These four pair of fingerless gloves went in the mail last week for a customer down in Seattle.

I hope that she liked them.

I hope they fit her friends!

I particularly loved the blue/green wool - from Blue Faced Liecster wool that I bought at Black Sheep a couple of years ago. It ended up making the coolest stripes.

The black is from Inky's Shetland roving that I bought from Michelle (not coals to Newcastle, because we don't have any true black sheep) It spun up BEAUTIFULLY and these gloves are just the softest.

I am half the way through the 12 pairs I had on order. Luckily they are pretty easy to make...


Kathy said...

They look great, Tina! Well done!
I hope the people receiving them appreciate all your efforts. :)

Leigh said...

Beautiful! And your craftsmanship looks perfect. I know she'll be pleased, and so will the recipients.