Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wicket & Krissie's big adventure -

Do YOU know why we're locked up in this barn?

(well, notice the "baby bump" on her side there)

Lat year at the fair, The Shepherd talked to a couple who were interested in getting a couple of sheep. At that time, he didn't have anyone for sale, but it's somewhat like the story of "Goldylocks and the Three Bears" around here - sometimes sheep are "just right", sometimes they are "too small" (well, that's not really been an issue...) and sometimes, they are TOO BIG - ie, Ms Stilts - or Krissie (or "Bigfoot" as The Shepherd calls her)

And then there is Wicket - our little 2 1/2 lb. bottle baby, for whom the bowl is always TOO EMPTY - ie - "Feed Me, Seymore" (oh, just google it...)
He also has been known to run right over anyone who gets between him and his food bowl and The Shepherd was worried that he might unintentionally hurt one of the new "itty bittys"

Anyhow, The Shepherd decided that with babies on the way - imminent, as the case may be (look back at the first picture) , that perhaps Wicket and Krissie might be good candidates for a new home and when the couple he met at the fair called last month, he decided it was a match made in heaven.

So today was the day that Wicket and Krissie went to their new home.

I helped by closing doors behind and keeping the "natives" from getting too restless during the transfer from barn to truck & trailer.

I used to go with when he took sheep to their new homes, but several years ago, when we took one of our first lambs, April, over to our friend Nancy's farm, as we left, she ran behind us - crying and calling out "Hey, hey! Don't leave without me! I don't know any of these sheep!!!"

It broke my heart.

So now, I just say good bye at the gate and the rest of the girls? They were just glad there was more room at the feeder...

And Wicket & Krissie's new home? Five acres of lush green pasture, tasty third cutting hay and a canvas covered quonset hut all of their own - pretty deluxe digs - good luck kids - have a good life.


Michelle said...

It IS hard to say good-bye to our four-legged friends, especially when they don't "get it." I hope Krissie and Wicket settle in happily, and you have lambs soon (me, too!).

vlb5757 said...

I can't imagine having to say goodbye. I would cry a few tears too. Sounds like the new home will be ideal!

Kathy said...

I am so sorry to hear about Krissy and Wicket leaving!!! Oh, no! Whatever will we do without Wicket's antics??????
I am sorry for you that they left...I only wish and hope the "new" people will cherish them as they should!

(sniff, sniff)

Tina T-P said...

The Shepherd seemed to think that Krissey & Wicket were in Seventh Heaven when he left - (I told him NOT to tell people that they were in Sheep Heaven - I think that involves little white packages in the freezer...) - Anyhow, the sheepies were agog at the lush green grass and the third cutting hay - and the new owners seemed quite taken with them when they were here a couple of weeks ago. Apparently there is a standing order for anyone else that we want to sell...(and no, I'm not telling who these people are!) LOL T.

Leigh said...

Wicket sounds like Riley when it comes to food, LOL. Sounds like it was a hard decision, but I'm glad they went to such a good home.