Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Welcome a new blogger

Our good friend and one of our favorite musicians, Lydia McCauley has started a new blog called Quieting, after her newly released album of the same name. It promises to be a very thoughtful place to visit.

Clicking on her name (above) will take you to her web site - when you get there, click on "MP3's" and listen to some of her music. (clicking on "Quieting" (above) will, of course, take you to her blog).

"Quieting" is Lydia's first CD in almost 4 years and is all instrumental. Here are the notes from her web site about this album:

"This instrumental music celebrates a deepening connection with the natural world. It is a place where every bug counts. Cottonwood seeds hold the potential for one's very breath. The shape of a mountain is a song in itself. Frogs become close companions. Hawthorn trees open the heart. Pigs can dance. Bees can swing. Children grow up into beautiful people while adults rediscover the wonder of childhood. Wishes are granted. Life and death are honored as one in the same."

Two special musical guests that help to make this CD very special are cellist Jami Sieber and on oboe and French horn, internationally recognized artist, Nancy Rumbel.

Lydia and her husband Kurt have traveled extensively in Cambodia, India and Burma, as well as Italy and Ireland, so the photographs on her blog are outstanding.

The Shepherd and I would like to congratulate Lydia & the band on their new CD and we hope you will take a few minutes to visit her web site and check out her blog.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I really enjoy Tingstad and Rumbel; will have to check this music out!