Sunday, October 19, 2008

That "FO" I mentioned

When we went to Ocean Shores last month, I had just started a star shaped baby blanket made from "baby acrylic" (kind of like baby alpaca, but fake). The pattern also called for it to be made from "bulky" yarn, but I really wanted to do this pretty pastel that I'd found (the picture doesn't do it justice, the colors were much brighter, but the "shade" is right) so even with the double crochet stitch, it was pretty slow going to get it bigger - at about 1/4 inch per row.

And I got it done, just in time for the baby to be born. - However, I forgot to take a picture of it before I sent it off to my sister. So she sent me prints - her camera is digital, but the machine that made the cd's at Walgreen's was broken, so here are pictures of her pictures - not the best, but that way you can see Anthony, our "new baby" (her grandson) too.

He is living with his other grandma - not a good situation with the parents, lets just say they are less than responsible people... but the other grandma is a nice lady and she and my sis are getting along - I also sent Anthony some sleepers and buntings from our local kids consignment store - and a pretty bar of fragrent homemade soap to the grandma - I know she's going to have some "Calgon take me away moments" before this little guy grows up.


Pamela said...

Love those colors! (And it's so nice of you to include a little gift for the other grandmother. I know she'll definitely appreciate it.)

Wrensong Farm said...

Lovely blanket! Such a sweet baby pic wrapped up in a lovingly made lucky he is to have two such caring grandmas!

Kathy said...

Good onya, mate! It's as nice as you described over the phone. Did anyone ever tell you you're a good person? Whell, you are! :)

I hope The Shepherd's back is feeling better. I think we're all ready for a beach in the Carribean, eh?

Sharon said...

What a nice welcome for the little guy - wish and hope the situation will turn up roses. Seems that lots of grandparents are raising their grandkids any more. Our nearest neighbors were foster parents for two of their grandsons and now are their adoptive parents. They are awesome people!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

My goodness what a nice blanket Tina! It looks like a beautiful starfish. I had one made with that coloring about 30 years ago in the shape of a hexagon...silly me almost has another child back then. I finally gave it to my sister for her children...all of them turned out like the parents of this tiny Anthony. The little children suffer so much because of parents who are not ready to grow up first!!
Soft hugs and lots of love from Karla & Miss Peach