Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Thank You for a Thank You!

Miss Peach and her Mamma, Karla sent me this beautimus rainbow Thank you card for getting them Coco. That in itself would have been enough, to be sure. The package also included a very nice bookmark and this adorable bracele, hand beaded by Karla - she is so talented. Thank you, Miss Peach and her Mamma for these very lovely gifts. I will treasure them.

This weekend is our Spinner's Guild 2nd Annual Spin-In. Our guest speaker is Celia Quinn, who will be teaching us the intricacies of drop spindles. We (Marietta Shetlands) also have a vendor table, where we will (hopefully) sell some wool and the five Washington Wool dot Net tote bags that I bought for the occasion. Tomorrow I'm taking the afternoon off work to make about 100 scones to have on the coffee table, courtesy of Washington Wool dot Net, of course. Don't worry, I'll take lots of pictures.

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Kathy said...

OMG! Celia Quinn! I used to talk with her over the phone when we first got back from Germany, then stationed in Kansas where I became an Ashford dealer when she ran Straw Into Gold. What a blast from the past!!!!
I doubt she'd remember me. Our business name was "Wool 'n Wood" way back in the early '80s. We used to order stuff for that Master/Apprentice program I was involved in through SIG. She's a delightful person!