Saturday, February 09, 2008

One of those busy, busy days...

It started last night with Al's cap. Chemo = hair loss = cold head.

My answer was to go to my LYS (Local Yarn Store) & ask Nancy what was the softest thing she had to make a cap to keep a head warm. Her answer was Blue Sky Alpaca's Wool & Alpaca mix - boy is that stuff soft! To tell you the truth, I have never made a cap for an adult before - I made some premie caps about a year and a half ago - but that's way different (I discovered) than making a big person's cap. I did, however have his head measurements - that was a plus. When I quit at 1:30 last night (or this morning, depending upon your point of view) I had the top done, it measured 22 inches, like Marsha said about Al's head. But it was time to go to bed. The directions weren't making any sense any more and I had places to go and things to do for Saturday.

The first thing was my spinner guild meeting

People were spinning, and knitting and carding- we had our meeting early so those of us who wanted to could leave early for our State Caucuses.

It always amazed me the differet types of wheels. It doesn't seem that there are any two the same!

This lady was working on some Romney locks - the results of her combing was very soft wool, ready to spin.

And I kept working on Al's hat - one of the gals said her head was 22 inches, so I had her try it on. It was a little big, she said - I needed to bring it in a little.

It was time for lunch, so I put it away for the time being.

Oh, but wait - does anyone know what this is? It's old, and I think crocheted - There were several of them in the belongings of a deceased aunt of one of our members.

See how it lays flat when it is folded in half?

Someone thought it might be something to do with holding small bouquets of flowers. Hmmm...

A mystery that we didn't solve.

Off to the Caucus. In Washington State, the Reps. choose their delegates 1/2 from caucuses and 1/2 from the primary. The Dems. choose theirs ALL from the caucuses - the primary is simply a straw vote, but it doesn't choose any delegates. I'd say there were probably about 200 people there for three precincts. John has caught a bad cold, so he stayed home.

We split up into precints - & they tallied our "preferred candidates" . After that several people talked about why they liked the different candidates and why they thought that person should be supported.

Truth be told, I'm not a very political person. I come from a pretty solid Democratic family background - well almost all of us (*you know who you are - ha, ha) but I've been known to vote Republican once in a while (you can do that here in Washington in the November election, but just not in the primary any more). I will say, I was pleased with today's outcome - and listening to Obama speak at a rally for the people of The State of Virginia tonight - I was filled with hope and inspiration. But, that's all I'm going to say about it - as this is not a "political blog"

After the initial ballots were tallied and we talked a little, then they called for volunteers to be a delegate at the County caucus in April. No, I kept my hands in my pocket, thank you very much - After we voted for our favorite six delegates, I headed out - the Platform seemed to be "business as usual" - no need to stay any more.

I headed into Ferndale to go to Walgreens - This is a picture of one of the Lummi totems that were put up in the new "River Walk" park, that coincidentaly, the company that the Shepherd works for put in the landscaping. I think if you click on the picture to biggify it, you'll get a better idea of the beautiful colors and the patterns that are carved into it. Our Lummi Carvers are very well known. There are three totems erected in this park - this one stands in a bed of oyster shells - see the salmon swimmin through the water on the bottom?

I had pretty much finished Al's cap at the caucus meeting, so on the way home, I called to see if he was up an around - so he could try it on before I finished it off.

Handsome guy, don't you think?

I was someplace between astonished and proud. It fit him like a glove - a very soft glove, too. Wear it in good health Al. Get well soon!


Kathy said...

Well Done, Tina! A solid "Good Onya!" as well. I am PROUD of Y-O-U, my friend. :)

Sharon said...

Good job on the hat. As for the lace, it looks like tatting to me. I loved the pictures of all the wheels: they really are lovely to look, except for mine. Folding Lendrums aren't pretty, but form follows function and mine functions great!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What a handsome hat; good job!

Politically, you sound like me. I'm registered Independent so I can more easily vote whichever way I think is best -- which is always, IMO, "the lesser of the two (more more) evils."