Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Good luck x 10, New books & Lollipops!

It's Three Beautiful Things Tuesday!

  • I got out of the car at the Paper Zone today at noon and there were 10 pennies scattered on the ground right in front of my door - Since finding a penny on the ground is supposed to bring you good luck - does this mean I'll get good luck times 10?

  • I recently joined a "Craft Book Bookclub" - you got 4 books for .99 - I picked out two crochet pattern books, a book on how to make garden art and a scrapbooking book. The package came yesterday - they are really nice books and the crochet pattern books actually have some things in them that I might make.

  • At choir tonight one of the sopranos brought us each a little bouquet of "See's Candy Lollipops" Oohh - they are really good!


Quail Hill Knits said...

I read somewhere in a study that many people will ignore a penny on the ground, but will always pick up a dime or a quarter. I guess many people don't think a penny is worth the effort. Glad you found 10 of them.
I'm not happy to hear your cold lasted two weeks. I hate being sick.

Karen Jo said...

I think finding 10 pennies should be good luck times 10. It's already working, as you got yummy lollipops.

Kathy said...

Sounds like you had really nice day. Good for you! But I sure hope a few of the pennies break up that cold you have. :(

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Sharon said...

You had your own Super Tuesday :*)

Rascal said...

Tina, you're nice enough that you don't need luck.

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