Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Earth Angels

<- This is our friend Diane -

and this is our friend Vikki ->

They are Earth Angels. They came over today and kept an eye on John so I could go to work - - - They also cleaned our kitchen and guest bathroom. It made me dizzy when I got home, it was so white!

Thank you Diane and Vikki - more than you'll ever know!

The shepherd is still down for the count, but he stood up twice today - the first time for 5 minutes or so - Every day he gets a little bit better.

The damndest thing is that this morning I called the neurosurgeon that Dr. W. suggested - told the nurse that we needed to have Dr. B. evaluate John's MRI and get in to see him. They called this afternoon at 3:15 and told John (who was just woken up by the phone call and in his usual drug induced haze) "We can see you at 4:00 to talk about your options" Of course, he couldn't get hold of me at work, because I'd left for the day and of course, for the first time in ages, I didn't have my cell phone with me. When I got home and calmed John down and called them back, they indicated that the short notice was because they had a cancellation - I explained to the nurse (again) that John wasn't able to walk - and so we had no way to get him in there - Don't these people listen? Like last Friday when I told the lady at the imaging clinic - What part of "not able to walk" don't you understand?

So, he has the next available appointment - March 13 - and he is on the cancellation list. Hopefully we'll get a little more notice the next time - hopefully by the next time, he'll be ambulatory and able to sit in the car.

Well, I really want to go watch the end of Law & Order, but I'm pooped and I think I'll go to bed. Our minister is going to stop by tomorrow as well as another couple - hope it lifts his spirits. Later - T.


Kathy L. said...

You've got a couple of nice friends there! I/We are so glad that John is doing better. Glad to hear he's seeing a neuro guy too.
Hand in there, Kiddo. Wish we were closer to help out with the sheep, etc.
Many hugs to you both...

Leigh said...

What a blessing to have such good friends. It's good to hear that John is getting better. Just be sure to take care of yourself too.