Saturday, December 16, 2006

Surveying the "aftermath"

Well, we were lucky - very, very lucky. The storm that hit the Washington coast on Thursday night went mostly to the south of us - oh, we had wind - sustained 30-35 mph with 55 mph gusts, but we had more wind than that (and it was a northeaster, so it was COLD) two weeks ago during that after T'giving storm. Sinda & Neelix decided to do a little walk-about this afternoon - get out and stretch the legs as they've spent waayyy too much time snoozing this past week

I cut Sinda's front nails this morning because they were too sharp and poking me through the covers when we sleep, so I guess she decided that she needed a little pedicure here.

Neelix, on the other hand, like the stand and stretch method of doing his nails. Just don't let dad know he's scratching on that piece of landscaping... hmm, looks like he's been doing it there for a while, doesn't it?

Besides, it's time to go back in the house and find one of his favorite sleeping spots - DH's boot box - don't ask me why, but he really loves that spot.

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Next up? I've been tagged with a "Wierd" meme by Leigh from - Wierd? Who me, Wierd? I'm going to have to think about this one...

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Anonymous said...

We heard some pretty bad things about that storm on the news. Glad to hear you're okay.