Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Snow's all gone


Now, work, work, work! Gotta get caught up from being off for 5 days (two for T'giving & 3 from the snow) at the end of the month! Eeekk!


On a good note, there is a new restaurant across the street from where I work - it's called HOT SHOTZ - Martini Bar & Restaurant. They make their own French Fries, which are very delectible! - Just short of exquisite! A mom & daughter - they have taken a pretty funky place, cleaned it up and made it very pleasant. I've been trying to tell everyone about their good food - I've eaten there a couple of times already this week (ok, well, every day this week) & I have already helped them make some menu changes (like add a taco salad) & change the buns that they put their hamburgers on... Wish I drank martinis - their drink menu looks pretty fun too.

(Pretty much...) GONE!

Well, I brought some work "home" from work - so I'd better do it. Either that or catch the last 45 minutes of Medium. Later..............

P.S. - Added these pictures on Thursday eve. - I caught the boys out in the pasture this a.m. before I went to work. Seems like I've been coming & going in the dark this whole week!


Leigh said...

Oh! You're making me hungry, lol.

Leigh said...

Tina, Rascal and I would be honored for the links. I don't have a blog link list at this time (not sure why??????), but Rascal does and he will add you to his. He told me he needs to start a (human) bean blog list anyway :)

Wow, you know Yvonne! I love blogging because it makes the world so much homier. It opens up a whole new community of friends, both old and new.

Anonymous said...

No more snow? Ah, was so beautiful! We haven't had any snow to speak of lately, but boy - is it ever cold!
And I know what you mean about the dark...the poor sheep are getting fed later and later in the morning. I now must have at least one cup of coffee before venturing out in the cold! ;-)
Did John get stuck in a snowbank? (hee, hee, hee)