Monday, November 27, 2006


We've had one heck of a snow storm over the past three days - not much on Saturday, started POURING buckets of snow Sunday a.m. at about 6 or so - enough so that by 9:00 a.m. we were canceling church. It snowed like that ALL DAY LONG! Great big fluffy flakes, itty bitty icey flakes.

John has been really worried about the girls that are in with Thorson - There isn't much space in those little bungalows, but I think they will be OK - they are wearing wool you know. Look at all the snow piled up on Thorson's ramada!

Since the store was closed today, I spend the day working on my alarm billing. We have alot to do tomorrow - I hope everyone can get there. I'm not sure that my snow boots fit anymore - so I hope I can get there. But,I'm not going to be sitting around on the porch for a few days, that's for sure!

Here fishy, fishy, fishy...or, maybe we'll go ice skating on the pond - it's down there some where


Anonymous said...

we have to document the big event! We don't see this kind of snow that often.

Thanks for the pie recipe. We are feasting on apple pie too, in an attempt to use up the surplus of apples from the garden. Hate to see anything go to waste, but my pears all fell before I got to pick them (I was away).

Hey, just think, you might not have to go to work for days the way things are going! Seriously, I think you like your work place!

wanna send some of that sheep dip up here? My veggie garden is pathetic.

I removed the verification letters from my blog and just have the email moderation. That is, I get a notice in email, and I can either publish or delete the comment. Saves a lot of hassle from spams and garbage.


Wingnut said...

Hi Tina, thanks for stopping by and your nice comments on my blog!

Yes you certainly do have the snow don't you? Looks like it's time to snuggle up in a wool blanket, eat some pumpkin pie and stay cozy! Ok I couldn't resist.

Great blog, I will check back in!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Tina!
We are due for some snow today and tonight - FINALLY! :)
(And I'll write soon, I promise!)