Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, those Bad Boys...

Now, do these look like Bad Boys to you?

Well, they sure do to "dad"...notice the 2x6's holding up the fence? I think it's a case of a little too much time on their hands. Maybe we need to teach them how to play poker or something - keep them otherwise occupied...Ha, Ha, Ha... ( I can laugh - I don't have to fix that fence)

We went to see DRUM tonight ( to celebrate John's birthday today - very cool show - the story of Nova Scotia - In music, rhythm & dance - from the four cultures that define the area - Aboriginal/first people; French Acadian; black & Celtic - I checked their web site tonight and it looks like they are done touring for a few months - but if you get a chance to see them in person or TV - it is a show you shouldn't miss.

Tomorrow night is our church's annual fundraiser auction. Another gal & I came up with the menu - I proofed the recipes and some of the men from church are going to cook it. Hope it turns out OK - my rep is on the line too! We are having Jambalaya, Red Beans & Rice, Green salad, Corn Muffins & fruit skewers. There will be lime sherbet for dessert. I have made my famous "Bonnie's Frozen Punch" (thanks Pat K. - I've used that recipe for the last 25 years!) Yes, of course, the theme is Mardi Gras. I have to make 60 fruit skewers tomorrow a.m., as well as put up another 15 pounds of pumpkin and somewere in there, I have to go to the store for our weekly groceries. Ah, time it is a fleeting thing. Later, gators.

Oh, and GO COUGS!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like they need a girlsfriend! Ha, ha, ha! And Happy Birthday to John!

The meal sounds great! Red beans and rice are one of our favs here...we'll be right over. Don't forget the beads! What's Mardi Gras without beads!