Sunday, April 23, 2017

Happy Anniversary Honey

Today was our 23rd wedding anniversary.  Sometimes it seems like it has only been a few months, and sometimes, well, you know the old story...the one that talks about "for better and for worse", etc, etc.....

However, the good times and the bad times all add up - and as we so often have, our anniversary cards were in sync - this is my card from The Shepherd -  my card for him said the same thing - You & Me - (different picture though)    One year we actually got each other the very same card - that was a wild one - I opened my card from him, saw the picture and went "Oh, no, I've opened his card!"

We had planned to go down to Whidbey Island, but The Shepherd was feeling under the weather all week and when I suggested that we skip, he said "lets sleep in and then just go down to The Farmhouse (an old favorite restaurant that's on Highway 20, on the way to Whidbey) for lunch and then come home.  We had a great lunch (I had a Reuben - they make their own corned beef and its not that thin deli sliced stuff and he had a hot pot roast sandwich - so we were both happy, and full, and didn't have such a long drive to boot), and then we decided to go looking at the tulips  -

The Skagit (rhymes with "Badge-it"} County area is renowned for their tulip fields - so much so that they now have a month long Tulip Festival during the month of  April.  These were part of the display gardens at the restaurant.

It would have been better if the weather had been a little nicer, but it didn't seem to deter the tourists. 

The tulip fields are just about done blooming, but the farmers have conveniently planted some "late blooming" ones that are just color as far as you can see. 

I was taking these pictures out the car window, on the fly, as the sheriff's were everywhere, giving out tickets to anyone who blocked traffic. But I couldn't resist showing you these pretty pink tulips.  Imagine thousands of people tromping through your fields - I'm surprised they don't have electric fences around them. 

Even with the blustery weather, there were quite a surprisingly number of people out today.

You can see more tulip pictures on my Instagram page.



Lilylou said...

Happy Anniversary, Tina and John!

Kathy said...

A belated Happy Anniversary to the two of you!
I also hope the shepherd is feeling better.
Love and hugs!