Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Well, that's a fine turn of events!

 When I was playing at being Shepherdess, (or, when I was Shepherd-Less, as the case may be)  I sneaked these two pictures of our ladies with the baby bumps. 

That's Vanessa, front and center. 
 And Donna is the one "at 12 o'clock" in this picture - (the little blaze face peeking around the feeder is Garnet) 

These were taken the end of March, and I was really hoping that births weren't too imminent - as I have said before, "I don't know nuthin' about birthin no babies"

Well, Vanessa, who we thought would go first, seemed to slow down - apparently she was waiting for her sister Donna to catch up -

which she did -  and yesterday on the hottest day of the year so far (84 degrees! in Bellingham! in April!!) she popped out this cute little guy.

His name is Carson - a sturdy little fellow, and 'fraid of nobody!

Or, his full "proper" name is:

                         "Marietta's Carson"

And then tonight, these two little ones were born - a ram and a ewe -   He hasn't named them yet.  
But, I'll tell you one thing for sure - these two came out HUNGRY!! 

Sometimes lambs weenie around trying to find the milk bar - not these two - they were right on the spigots. 

So all hands (or hooves, as the case may be) are on deck, so I don't have to worry about The Shepherd wandering around in the dark with his oxygen bottle - (shake your head all you want - yesterday he was out mowing someone's lawn - and it made him realize that he still needs a few more weeks of recuperation too.  Pooped him out good.) 

So that's the baby report for 2016.  Two ram lambs and one little ewe.  They will go out front in a couple of days to entertain and delight the neighborhood - life is returning to normal. 



Lilylou said...

What a lovely spring gift! Thanks, Tina, and kudos to the Shepherd for his indomitable spirit-----though he needs to acknowledge his physical domitable-ness too!

Anonymous said...

Great news Tina- all around!!! Give hugs to Donna and Vanessa for me- they did good!

theholleyspot said...

So cool! I grew up with a sheep farm behind us and always got to come witness these little ones being born or help the farmers cut tails etc... Congrats on the 3 new additions!

Momma Maria said...

They're adorable