Friday, August 14, 2015

My "Tour de Fleece" projects

Ravelry puts on a "Tour d'Fleece" Spin along during the Tour d'France every year. 

I kind of "haphazardly" join along - this year I went for some of the new roving that I brought home from Black Sheep.  I love spinning such colorful roving - it's just fun. 
 When I got done with the first project, I started in on some Kathy Green Roving.  This color is called Mulberry - I think it is very pretty and the yarn that it made is soft and cushy.

Here is the yarn from the first project - it doesn't look very colorful in this picture - but get a load of the pic. below - 
It is Superwashed Marino - I think that there might be some Tencel blended in - I'll have to look - but it is very pretty, soft and lusterous. 

I love spinning! 

These yarns will be for sale at the Little Bow Market in Alger next week - my friend Donna is going to have them & 12 other skeins that I delivered to her last week at her farm booth.  I hope some of it sells. 



Lilylou said...

Really gorgeous stuff, Tina, thanks for the pix.

sayukta saxena said...

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