Saturday, February 28, 2015

Without a Trace

Back in the fall of 2011, a very sweet kitty came to live with us - abandoned?  No, I think he was actually supposed to live up at "the barn" next door, but they obviously weren't feeding this cat, because he was starving to death.  Literally. 

So pretty soon, he was eating on the back porch, then inside the back door, then, why the heck not, in the kitchen with George & Gracie.
 Bella was (is?) a beautiful cat - furry furry black and big green eyes.  I have 39 posts labeled with Bella - you can go back and read through them - the biggest surprise was last year when I took her to the vet & found out she was a "he"  - We called Bella our Transgendered cat - because "he" really did seem like a "she"

Bella disappeared on Thursday.  Coyote?
Maybe ... 

Thursday night is the first time since Bella came to live with us that he hasn't met me at the gate when I came home from work - hmmm - bad feeling about this. 

I've called the neighbors and put it out on the neighborhood facebook page that he is missing.  Hopefully he's just locked in someone's garage and will be home soon.  Keep good thoughts... I'll keep you posted. 


Michelle said...

So he's Bello, and Bello he is (handsome)! I do so hope he makes his way home, Tina. :-/

Momma Maria said...

Tina I hope by the time I'm reading this that Bella is home already, I couldn't sleep a wink if one of mine was missing that long.

Lilylou said...

Oh dear, I hate that feeling of not knowing what's happened and whether he'll be back again. That's happened to me too. Sometimes I found out, sometimes I didn't.

Here's hoping Bellaboy is just on walkabout and will come home again soon.

Tammy said... Beautiful beautiful Bella, who moved in and stolen a bit of your heart. I'm praying that he makes his way back to you. Please put up signs for those not internet savvy (yes there actually are some still out there!) and perhaps you have some other local lost and found facebook sites, craigslist and of course animal control and local pounds (if you have any)--they don't keep kitties long here in the pounds just too many of them. Doesn't hurt to send flyers to local vet offices (or post on facebook sites). He may be locked in someone's garage, taken in by someone elderly (the double lives of cats!), or accidentally hitched a ride somewhere. These are all just ideas I've gleaned from others that have missing kitties. This is why I didn't want anymore outside kitties either. :-( I know that my sweet Tang will probably do this someday too. Sigh. Sorry this is so long, my heart goes out to you. If I can do anything to help---email me, okay??


Anonymous said...

I sure hope Bella/Bello is OK!

Kathy said...

May Bella be guided back home to you.