Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to the "Kittens"

Hey Mummy, we're not Kittens any more, in fact, in people years we are 4, but in Cat years, we are the ripe old age of 32!

And you are very Handsome too (I can say that, I'm their Mummy)

They have grown so much.  

When we got George and Gracie in July 2011, I was told they were born in the "middle of October 2010" but the lady I got them from did not know the exact date.

I decided that 10-10-10 would be a very auspicious date for the birthday of my kitties.  Don't you think that was a good date to pick? 

Happy birthday my babies. 



Michelle said...

Excellent choice of birth date. May they live out its sum!

Lilylou said...

Happy Birthday to the former kittens!

Kathy said...

Happys Burfday, George and Gracie!
May ther bees many mores, too.

From the kitties in Airy Zona,
Daisy, Moochie, HRH Princess Europa, and me...
L'il Rascal