Sunday, May 18, 2014

What's growin?

The Shepherd has an amazingly GREEN thumb

Seedlings turn into bedding plants, seemingly overnight...

The bonsai collection comes outside for the

Ok, so he didn't plant this one, but, I thought she kind of fit in with the train of thought...

Our wedding rhododendron bloomed it's little heart out this year.  Did it realize it was our 20th anniversary?

This picture from Vikki is a couple of weeks old - she is growing like a weed - but her spots are still brown!

And what is this interesting thing?

It's a SNAIL!

These scourges have quietly moved up the coast, hitchhiking in plants brought into the area from southern growers. 

Kind of a pretty thing, but quickly crunched under the boot of The Shepher  Gardner.  Snails are not something that he wants to be growin' in his garden. 

And finally - a couple of pictures and a short video of our FAVORITE band of all time, Pearl D'Jango - They were playing at Bellwood Acres - Not the best sound but a fun venue, and GREAT crowd. - The sax player was just sitting in with the band - but he proved to be a fantastic addition!

Our table was only a few feet from the stage - it was a fun concert -

Enjoy the music - (it takes a minute to buffer - be patient )    I'll be back later this week with some updated lamb pictures - WOW, they are really growing fast!



Mariodacatsmom said...

I love that music. It's so refreshing to hear after so much bad music these days. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Madi and Mom said...

Mom and I came by to say hi and thank you for visiting our blog and for your kind comment about mom's crocheting. She is very passionate about it and thankful to be able to pawticipate in the auction for The Baby.
Hugs madi and mom