Thursday, October 24, 2013

One cute little dude

The official royal baby picture
So, don't you think that he's just one of the cutest babies you've ever seen. Look at those chubby little cheeks. (And his mamma and daddy don't look too bad either.)

I really like this young couple, Will and Kate of Cambridge.  He's done his civic duty and spent his time in the Royal Air Force as a pilot, and she is generous with her time and energy - She is so pretty and endearing, I know she must leave a lasting impression on the people she comes in contact with. 

But what I am most intrigued with is the beautiful christening gown that George wore.  It was made in 2008, “the hand made replica of the Royal Christening Robe, made by Angela Kelly, Dressmaker to The Queen.”  The original one was "made of fine Honiton lace and lined with white satin, and was designed in 1841 for the christening of Queen Victoria‘s eldest daughter, Victoria, Princess Royal. Since then, it (the original) has been worn by over 60 royals on their christening day." (Thanks to Google, info on the gown is from an article by Katrina Mitzeliotis on the blog Hollywood Life)

As a "fiber person" - I can spin, crochet, sew a little, darn my socks, but, I think that being able to say that you had made the "Royal's new Christening Gown" would just be the bees knees, don't you?  I am filled with envy.  Nice job Ms. Kelly.



Kathy said...

There you go chatting about my distant cousins! Isn't George cute?! It's about time they got some better genetics I. That family! :)
I was fascinated about the christening gown as well. I was happy to hear it lasted as long as it did and was happy the Queen ordered a copy made.
Let's hope it's as beautiful as the original.

Leigh said...

What a lovely photo! I confess I don't keep up with this sort of thing anymore.

I have to agree about the Christening gown. Garments used to be truly works of art at one time, with pride in the skill and craftsmanship it took to make them. Now, I feel lucky if a seam doesn't split from cheap thread, after a few wears.