Friday, June 07, 2013

My cousin's quilts!

You find surprising things at a family reunion.

Like incredibly talented people. 

We had not had much contact with the folks from this "branch" of the family tree for many years - but when we started emailing back & forth before the reunion, I had asked Brooke if she or her sisters were still spinning - as I knew they had before her dad had passed away.

"No, we're into quilting now"  she said.

"Well, I'll bring some of my yarn to show you - do you have any pictures of your quilts that you  could bring?"  I asked.   

They did me one better. 

They brought quilts to show

Really beautiful, original quilts.  

Old fashioned quilts

Teaching quilts from classes they have given. 

And adorable designs.  

This one, and the kitty quilt at the top of this post?  My favorites - way too cute.  

This was a quilt that one of them had made to donate to a fund raiser auction.  A family member liked it so much, they bought it back.  

I love the stylish horses and the colors. They had lots more that they showed us.  I wish I had taken more pictures! 

Pretty cool, huh? 

We won't loose track of these gals this time. 


Sharrie said...

Wow! There's some talent. Beautiful quilts.

Michelle said...

I think your "quilt show" rivaled any I've seen! Gorgeous work.

Momma Maria said...

I really like that circle quilt, they remind me of moons. But the colors and style of the last quilt with the horses is pretty cool too. That one makes me think of Mexico with those intense colors. Just beautiful.

Kathy said...

I love the quilts! The one with horses reminds me of the colorful wooden Dala horses from Sweden I grew up with.
It sounds like you had a blast!