Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Olympic yarn -

 Here is some more yarn I spun while we were watching the Olympics -

It is a romney blend that I got from the Dawn's Custom Carding booth, from The Pines Farm.

I don't know where the yellow in this picture comes from, because you certainly can't see it in the yarn itself. 

It is about 12-13 WPI (wraps per inch) which converts to sport weight.  I think it would work well for a hat, that would be felted.  The yarn seems kind of scratchy to me - but so did the fiber - I should know better by now, don't you think? 

Stay tuned for exciting news about the fair!



MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

dearest has been months since I came to visit and now I see that you have a followers widget...finally! I can keep up with all the goings on! Life keeps on rolling along here at the cozy cottage...pray that I get through next week...I miss my ginger girl so very much. Bunny is a sweet comfort to me...I know there will be more somewhere out there for us to embrace...
sending you all our love from the hot south of the Pacific Northwet

Kathy said...

I love it! My how you've grown! :) I am so delighted to see such beautiful yarns, Tina.
Now...if the Shepherd would just share a few of those fleeces he has...