Saturday, November 20, 2010

'Tis a BIG disappointment...

Early last fall I signed up at my local yarn store for a class to be given this weekend by Judith McKenzie.

The class that I took from her last fall was so wonderful, I have so looked forward to this class.

But Mother Nature had OTHER ideas for me this weekend.


The class was "Spinning for Twinned Mittens" - Since I don't knit, I was just hoping to gain more spinning techniques from Judith.

This was our back door this morning -

It was 28 degrees out...

I know it doesn't look like a LOT of snow - but have I ever mentioned that I really HATE the cold (it makes my fingers, and knees ache) and don't do well at all with "slippery" - and as you can see from the previous picture of the ice on our back door - it was slippery - AND windy - probably sustained 20 mph with gusts to 35 mph.

No spinning class was worth that much to me.

But I am still very disappointed - I wasn't able to go to my guild meeting last weekend because of our church fundraiser auction. I was helping with the dinner and providing taco salads for 60 people - wasn't going to work with being gone all day to a guild meeting. So, there you go...

The only bright spot in the day (except for the brilliant sunshine that is) is that the wind has died down (some) and The Shepherd has dug the drifts out from around my car and in a few hours we'll be headed into town to go see Pearl Django, one of our favorite bands. Click on the link and listen to some of their music - you'll wish you could join us!

P.S. - I've been feeling guilty that I haven't been posting lately - so much to say, but not enough time - Sinda is hanging in there - our recent "game" is "Mommy, guess what I want to eat?" - often two or three different cans of cat food opened for her to sniff at and hopefully eat a little - we take each day as it comes.

P.P.S. - A little bit after I finished this post, The Shepherd asked me why I didn't see if I could go to Judith's class tomorrow - well I called and asked, and they said that I could come! Yay!


Michelle said...

Oh my! That doesn't look like the same part of the country at all! But we could get snow this weekend, too -- it just hasn't gotten that cold YET. So sorry it totally messed with your plans. Glad to hear that Sinda is still hanging in there, and good to see you blog, too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you missed the first day but great you can go the second one! So happy to hear Sinda is hanging in there too!

Nancy K. said...

How wonderful that you'll still get to take Judith's class!

Sinda's a lucky kitty to have someone that gives her such loving care. So many cats never know a human's love and kindness.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you missed day one with Judith- it was (is) mighty cold here too, but I don't think we got as much snow as up north by you. Just lots of wind.

Kathy said...

I am so tickled you didn't give up and got in to Judith's class! You go, girlfriend!
Re: the snow and cold...Welcome to my world! Our's is coming down right now, first now, then rain, very cold and windy. Next week we'll see night temps in the low teens or below. Oi! I can deal with the cold, but absolutely hate the wind with it.
And re: blogging. Tina...spending time with Sinda (and the Shepherd), and going to guild and classes is way more important.