Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Colors of September!

Every month since last October, Sue from Life Looms Large has hosted a fun challenge - to find the"colors" of the month. I have not only enjoyed doing this project myself, but have loved reading and seeing all the pictures from around the world as other bloggers have joined in the fun.

Quite frankly, it has been so-o-o-o warm this month, that I was not sure if we were going to get any color but blue (sky) and green (grass) - but

last week, the sun went away and the rain appeared - and we had some real cloud bursts - mind you, not like they are having on the east coast right now, but for us it was a lot.

Even though this oak leaf doesn't have any real "fall" colors - I did like the pattern of the rain drops and the veins of the leaf

The Shepherd has been so busy with other people's gardens that we are a little lacking in the fall flowers this year - but, hey, what the heck - the bills are getting paid - and this pretty chrysanthemum decorates our back porch.

Of course my trusty sidekick had to come along and snoopervise all the pictures that I was taking.

Out in the vegie garden, the corn is gone, the pumpkins are going wild and the asparagus weed looked so pretty covered with raindrops.

Finally the colors are starting to creep into the yard - the katsura tree is starting to turn it's leaves make the yard smell slightly sweet.

The Japanese maples on the porch are a blaze with reds and oranges

The rose hips are like sparkling jewels hidden in the blue foliage

The Bishop's Children dahlias that were planted from seed have finally decided to put on a show.

It's also time to start evaluating fleeces - this is Wicket's fleece - it is going to be wicked fun to spin - hope I get a chance at it...

I think this is either Ruby or Robin --- (unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the head that went with the fleece...) but this is going to be a lovely fleece and it is staying closely to original color - gonna be pretty!

And one little lone flower left over from summer - I hope you enjoyed my Colors of September - I almost didn't make it this month again - working on my church newsletter til all hours of the night...but it's done and I only have my spinner guild one left to do.

And guess what? I'm signed up to take another class from Judith McKenzie - but it's not until November - so you'll just have to wait to find out about it...


Delighted Hands said...

I have always love the Japanese maples....just a beautiful jolt of color in the yard! The wool looks lovely....soon it will be in your spinning hands!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful range of colours and isn't that delphinium a treat at this time of year!

Life Looms Large said...

Your colors of September are beautiful! I'm so glad you were able to sneak them in before the deadline!!

The foliage color on the rose is a really beautiful color. I'd definitely like to weave with yarn that color!

We've had a warm September also, culminating in a super rainy and warm week. The leaves are starting to turn, so hopefully October will put on a show for us!

Thanks for sharing your colors!

Valerie said...

Love the colors of the sky and plants, but those fleeces are to die for! Can't wait to see that first one spun up.