Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nothin' But Blue Skies

Blue skies
Smiling at me

Nothing but blue skies
Do I see

Singing a song

Nothing but bluebirds
All day long...

(Thank you Irving)

We have A/C where I work.

I have a "weather bug" on my computer that tells me the temperature. I watched it climb, bit by bit, all day long - when I left at 5:30, it said 96 degrees.

When I went around the corner where the bank time & temp sign is it said 100 degrees!!!

But it's sure making the garden grow!

Ever see one of these? We've got LOTS of 'em!

More to come -


Leigh said...

Purplish cauliflower? No, I've never seen one!

I don't envy you that 100 degree weather. We've been fortunate not to have any this year, so far. We usually have a couple of heat waves like that each summer.

I take it you don't have A/C at home?

Mim said...

Wow, we are hot but I bet the humity makes your hot BAD. We did get a good rain yesterday and boy did I get uncomfortable doing evening chores.

vlb5757 said...

Have seen the purple cauliflower and the yellow ones in the local grocery store. They make very interesting salads when mixed with the white and green from the broccoli and some red from red bell peppers. Very colorful! I can't wait to see what else is in your garden! I know you guys must be so hot there. It was hotter there than here in VA today. Whew!!

Kathy said...

I've seen very small purple, lime green and orange cauliflower in the Safeway markets here, but not one garden-grown before. :) Way to go John! You can sneak that on my front step any night.
We've been watching your weather and feel so very badly for all of you in the Pacific NW. At least the humidity isn't so bad here most days - we just have to stay out of the 7,000 ft. intense sun. The HHWB sun-bleached another t-shirt just doing yardwork the other day.
Have a great Date-Night!