Friday, November 23, 2007

DREAMSCOLOR - The Artwork of Scott Horton

My sister recently gave me the website of her stepson, Scott Horton- I don't really know Scott at all - (he was gone from home when Merrill & James got married) but after looking at all his paintings, I was very impressed with the breadth of his talent - he uses all different mediums, and uses them well, in my opinion. I asked him if I could write about his artwork on my blog and he said "Sure" - All the pieces that I'm sharing with you are copywrited, of course, so please respect that. (I don't have any way to watermark them) This is one of my favorites , it is called "White Birches" 11" x 15" - Watercolor on paper (It is in a Private Collection )

I love this one - it is SO colorful!

Dogwood In Vase 18" x 24" - Oil pastel on paper (This one is for sale - he lists the prices on his web site)

His style on this one reminds me a lot of Vincent vanGogh - but I think he still has both his ears.

Flowering Field 36" x 24" - Acrylics on board (for sale)

To understand his "mixed media" Foundation Series, the best thing is to read his explaination (click on "Foundation Series" for the link) - but a short quote from his web site will give you somewhat of an understanding of what he is undertaking with these pieces:

"Foundations as a series of work, represents the history or "foundation" of communication. Each symbol depicts ancient communication of thoughts, events and ideas. This concept is reinforced by creating symbols on what appear to be pieces of stone, the combination of which results in a stone wall; a "foundation" for the art."

So, I hope that you will take a few minutes and check out Scott's website and that you enjoy it as much as I did. (Plus he is a web designer by trade, so his website is fresh and easy to navigate - gotta love that!)


Sharon said...

I do like his work. His foundation piece appears to be collage. Nice colors. Joe Winter, the potter, is our neighbor and we just went to the first day of his winter sale. I took some soap down yesterday when they opened the kiln. What wonderful things to behold! I don't have space enough in my house to "appreciate" his properly. I was a bit overwhelmed today and bought nothing, but our friend Amy stocked up.

Leigh said...

He is definitely very talented! Please pass on some compliments.

vlb5757 said...

I like the same picture you like. I will go and visit his site to check more of his things out. Hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving! We delayed ours until today (Sunday) so we could eat with our son who still lives here. His schedule and ours only match one day a week.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

My favorite is the top painting of birches -- LOVE that one! I am too detail-oriented to work in such a loose style, so I appreciate the work of others who can.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Such a talent for sure. he brings out the love of his work purrrfectly in the style of Gaugin and van Gohe (sp?) Multi media is to be admired...he is not stuck in a rut!