Saturday, July 09, 2011

Meet the Mrreows!

PTU's (*Prisoner Transport Units)

Check -

Dinner table ready and waiting

Check -

Litter boys & girls room ready

Check -

Oops, no pooper scooper (I think it got thrown away when Sinda went to the bridge) - have to correct that soon...

Thursday night we went out to Nooksack to meet George and Gracie - two tiger striped tabby cats - about 9 months old - Our BSG house sitter had connected us up with Linda, a friend of hers, who was actually an acquaintance of ours from the local fiber world. She needed to find a new home for these kitties.

George and Gracie are siblings - they had been fixed, but have not had shots, etc., so that would be on the docket - but they seemed like nice enough cats and we wouldn't have to worry about tiny baby kitties being by themselves during the day and getting into who knows what kinds of trouble. We told her that unless we called to say no, that we would take them and made arrangements to come out Saturday morning to pick them up.

Turns out that today was the Everson Nooksack Festival Parade, and she said that I should make sure that I was out of town by 10:00 because they would be shutting down the main road (only in small towns, I gotta tell ya) at 11:00 for the parade - so I told her I would be there at about 9:00 - Yikes, that's early for me on a Saturday!

So I was up early this a.m., got the PTUs in the car, directions noted, called Linda to tell her I was on my way. Yes, when I got to Everson, the flags were out - a flagpole on the sidewalk about every 10 feet - it is a couple of miles from Everson to Nooksack and the school district serves both communities from buildings half way between - that is were everyone was gathering to be in the parade - I got to our friend's home and we got George in his PTU right away, but Gracie was no where to be found - but I hung around for about a half hour and she re-appeared - never having been in a PTU before, she was, lets say, none too happy...

But they both settled down right away once I got on the road - on the trip back through town, even though it was just 10:00, everyone already had their chairs out on the sidewalks - holding the prime real estate for the best parade viewing.

We're headed home kitties -

Once inside, the investigation begins - "Where the heck are we?" and "What is this place?" was written all over their little faces.

But they soon found the dinner table and were delighted to find the "stinky goodness" (that's canned cat food for you non cat-bloggers)

I had just put a little bit out - and they scarfed that down, so I put out some more - which they didn't touch until just a little while ago - - so I'll just have to get a sense of how much they are going to eat. I have quite a few tiny cans of gourmet cat food that I had bought to tempt Miss Sinda - she would only eat about a quarter of a one of those itty bitty cans and didn't like it when it got stale - I threw away a lot of expensive cat food over that six months. (Mind you - I'm not complaining - the extra time with her is something that I've treasured.)
So I set about trying to take some pictures for you - As you can see, George moves much quicker than the shutter on my camera...

Gracie was actually quite agreeable and posed quite nicely.

They were happy to join my "on the big bed" for a nap after lunch.

Gracie (on the left) is much lighter color than her brother, and her fur is also much softer.

Here, let me get that for you Gracie...

They are very affectionate towards each other.

They spent the entire afternoon in the bedroom - on the top of the bed, not underneath - that was a good thing.

Gracie seems to be a little more cautious than George - but I think that they both will like living here.

Don't you?

And you say, What is a Mrreow? They were the feline animals that lived on the southern continent in Anne McCaffrey's (one of my favorite authors) Pern books -

You can be sure there will be more to come.


Leigh said...

Tina, they're so cute! They're beautiful! I'm so happy for you. They remind me of our Riley and Katy in some ways, both tabbies, he's darker, she's cautious. Gracie looks like she may be a touch of torbie? I know they will absolutely love living with you and the Shepherd. Sounds like they're making a good adjustment already. I'm really happy for you!

Royal Ruskies said...

Your new babies are beautiful!!! Love the pictures of them cuddling!!! If you have time check us out too. We are the Royal Ruskies, and we love blog parties and making new friends!!!! We cant wait to watch for your future adventures!!!!

Jans Funny Farm said...

We wish you lots of fun and laughter with your new kitties. They are so cute.

Lilylou said...

I'm glad you have kitties again, Tina. Hope they give you some of the joy that you've been missing since Sinda went to the bridge.

Franna said...

Tina, They're precious! I'm so glad you're cat-ful again.

Tammy said...

Oh, they are so beautiful. Lucky you and lucky kitties! They look like a happy contented pair. I had to laugh as they come across in the pictures as 'well, we are here now, ready to have our every whim met'. I think they will settle in very nicely, since they are already confident enough to lounge around on the bed. Love that you go two, you will enjoy their bond, I think.
So happy for you Tina!

Kathy said...

Won-Purr-Full! I know they will fill the voids left by Neelix and Miss Sinda.
(Just make sure they stay inside kitties until they get very used to you, the Shepherd, and the house. It make take a while, but allot of kitties get lost the first week at a new "home"...)

We are all so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

They look like really sweet kitties-
So happy for you Tina! :)

Tina T-P said...

Thanks everyone for your good wishes - the first night wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, although I think George mistook my leg under the covers for a tunnel snake and attacked (drawing blood!) Bad kitty . . .
But things continue to go really well, So far they aren't even minding being in the house too much - we'll keep em in for a while - just to get their bearings here. T.

Michelle said...

I just got back last night so am late to the good-news party, but no less happy about it! What wonderful additions to your family; congratulations!

vlb5757 said...

I love that you have two new babies. I am sure they will bring much joy!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you found Gracie and George and they found you- they are gorgeous, and clearly belong together.