Thursday, July 01, 2010

In Memory of Rascal

Rascal - April 1, 2000 - July 1, 2010
Heaven has a new star tonight. Our good friend Rascal went to the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon, and my "eyes are leaking" - for I know his family will miss him dearly.

We've known Rascal since the fall of 2006 - I think he left a message from a Weekend Cat Blogging post - and we soon found out that his mom and I had a few thing in common - like the love of "sheep furs" and spinning.

Rascal's mom was so adept at keeping his blog, she was his voice - but you could imagine that he was sitting down to the computer with her and narrating his stories - like his snoopervision of his mom's projects or just doing the catly thing and cat-napping.

It was fitting that Rascal was born on April Fool's Day. His Box Reports were always entertaining - actually most things that he did were pretty darn entertaining.

Then they found the lump - that turned out to be feline lymphoma - after surgery and months of chemotherapy he seemed to be in remission - a little older and wiser, but still good old Rascal.

I think he was very proud when Kathy in Arizona named one of her new kittens after him.

Last fall, Rascal's mom & dad realized a life long dream and found a house in the country. Since then Rascal has made it his duty to stand guard over the new farm - checking every inch for pests and critters that might be harmful to his family.

When his lymphoma returned their V.E.T. and his mom didn't think it would be fair to put him through more treatments, that they would keep him as healthy as possible until the time came. That time was today.

Rest easy little guy. I'll miss you a lot.

Say HI to Neelix and Jaxom for me, OK?


Kathy said...

What a nice tribute to himself, Tina. My eyes have been leaking off and on all day. And L'il Rascal kept watching the heavens for the new star last night.

Sheepmom said...

I'm so sorry, Tina. I lost one of my old girls a week ago yesterday, she was 13 and the day before was playing in the backyard.Her kennel mate has never been alone since living with Maggie so he's in th ehouse with me and his litter sister and the coonhounds.
I miss Maggie terribly an dI know you miss Rascal.

Leigh said...

Oh Tina, what a wonderful tribute to Rascal. I love the pictures you chose. Thank you so much.

HisTek said...

I'm sorry to hear about Rascal. What a nice tribute! Cats are so entertaining. We have 5. It is so hard to lose them.